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The World Service Conference (WSC) is the effective group conscience of the Al-Anon fellowship. This international effort to take the pulse of Al-Anon and Alateen is held in Virginia every spring.


At the WSC, Area Delegates meet with the Executive Committee and the World Service Office (WSO) conference staff to make decisions for the worldwide fellowship.  


In the Al-Anon service structure, a succession of elected members form links that carry our group decisions to the WSC: GR to DR to Delegate to WSC. In turn, activities and actions at the WSC are returned to the groups using the same links.


This continuous chain of communication ensures a reliable flow of information between local groups & districts, the Area Assemblies and the World Service Conference.


 The World Service Office (WSO) is the main service center of the fellowship. The WSO carries out the wishes of the Conference.  It serves, but does not control or direct, the Fellowship.


Work at the WSO is done by paid staff, some of whom are Al-Anon members. They implement the huge volume of creative and clerical work that results from WSC decisions as well as doing the daily business of Al-Anon Family Groups Headquarters, Inc.


The Board of Trustees is the legal arm of Al-Anon, responsible for administering Al-Anon’s funds and services. It’s Executive Committee makes necessary administrative decisions between scheduled Board meetings.



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Al-Anon Information Services

PO Box 98557

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