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WA ‘Area’ is made up of the 28 Al-Anon Districts in Washington state. Pierce County GRs and DRs represent our groups at the Area level of the Al-Anon Service structure.  


Group Reps vote, according to their group's conscience, at Area Assemblies; they report the activities, decisions and mood of the Assemblies back to their groups. District Reps speak for both of our Districts and return their reports to the District meetings.


Area officers, coordinators and liaisons link Washington state Al-Anon to the national level of Al-Anon service.


Our Area Delegate, and the Alt. Delegate, represent us at the yearly World Service Conference (WSC) in Virginia each April.


Area Coordinators link Washington Area to the administrative team at World Service Office (WSO) which is in Virginia Beach, VA.  


The three WA Area Assemblies are state level business meetings held each April, June and October.


The Assemblies elect delegates to represent us at the annual World Service Conference They also elect new Assembly Officers. The Assembly meetings also address relevant Area and World Service affairs & the Area World Service Committee.


The Area WS Committee business meetings occur each February & August. Voting committee members are: Officers of the Assembly, District Representatives, Coordinators and Liaison Members.


The AWSC meets twice yearly, between the Summer and Fall Assemblies. At AWSC meetings attendees plan the agenda for the next Assembly, as well as bring to the table and address issues that can’t wait until the next Assembly.




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Al-Anon Information Services

PO Box 98557

Lakewood, WA 98496-8557

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How Al-Anon Works at the Area Level.