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Does someone you love have a drinking problem?

- Blaming your loved one’s drinking on friends & co-workers.


- Worrying about the drinking but hiding your concern from others.


- Pretending 'it's not that bad.'  Trying hard to cover the truth.


- Significant financial & legal problems exist because of drinking.


- Making threats to leave if the drinking doesn't stop.


- Searching for hidden bottles, or trying to smell someone's breath.


- Changing plans or canceling commitments because of the drinking.


- Drinking has ruined holidays or gatherings with family or friends.


- Declining social invitations because of embarrassment.


- Feeling like a failure because you can’t change things.


- Agreeing to ride in a car driven by someone impaired by alcohol.


- Feeling frightened by dangerous behavior but unable to call 911.

Signs you may be affected by someone's drinking.

Discovery Loop

Is Al-Anon right for you?  Try a few meetings, then you'll know.