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Al-Anon Information Services

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Does someone you love have a drinking problem?









Guidelines for Alateen Chat Meetings



Open to teens (ages 13-18) affected by someone else's drinking - this may be a friend, parent, or other family member.


You must register your screen name at least 2 days before your first meeting.

Once registered, teens can attend all chat meetings on the site.



All Alateen chat meetings are moderated by trained Al-Anon sponsors.



Chats aren't available for mobile devices at this time.

Alateen Chat

British Teens Register for Chat Here*

Alateen members agree to these safety requirements during the chat:

1. Ages 13 to 18 only.

2. No bullying or discrimination.

3. No swearing, rudeness, or comments of a sexual nature.

4. No information about personal identity can be shared.

5. Don’t ask other members for contact information.

6. No discussion of personal use of alcohol, drugs, or other illegal substances.

7. 'What we say here, and who we see here, stays here.' Keep chats confidential.

Alateen Chat in the US and Canada:

Telephone: 800-726-8094.

Email: [email protected]

Al-Anon Information Services

PO Box 98557

Lakewood, WA 98496-8557

Washington Meeting, 7:00 - 8:00 PM, every Monday.

- Sunday, 7:00 pm Mountain Time; Alberta, Canada.

- Sunday, 9:00 pm Mountain Time; Idaho.

- Monday, 7:00 pm Pacific Time; Washington.

- Monday, 7:00 pm Pacific Time; British Columbia.

- Tuesday, 7:00 pm Eastern Time; Georgia.

- Wednesday, 5:30 pm, Central Time; Iowa.

- Wednesday, 4:00 pm Pacific Time; Nevada.

- Wednesday, 7:30 pm Eastern Time; Florida North.

- Wednesday, 7:30 pm Mountain Time; Montana.


 Please check meeting times on the log-in page for any changes.

 Meetings are hosted by the Areas named, and administered by the WSO.

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